ALBERT – Vocals / Guitar / Drums &

JOE BOUCHARD – Vocals / Piano / Guitar / Trumpet

Bouchard Brothers Albert & Joe first played together in the early 60’s where Albert played the drums & Joe played Piano, guitar & trumpet. After successful high school & college bands the brothers teamed up to form Internationally Successful Legends Blue Oyster Cult. The boys won an audition with Clive Davis in 1971 & soon after that gold & platinum awards came their way, the boys have also won countless awards and have been inducted into The Long Island Music Hall Of Fame, 1000 Islands Performing Arts Hall Of Fame held in Clayton, NY their hometown.

Albert & Joe are currently on a tour of the UK where they are performing all the classic BOC classics as well as their solo material from their 50 + years in the music industry.

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Chris Glen – Aylward – Peter Higgins – John Clelland – Stuart Clyde

The Outfit are a blues based hard rock band featuring legendary bassist Chris Glen (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Michael Schenker Group, Ian Gillan, Glen/MCauley/Taylor, Tear Gas).Accompanying Chris on this incredible journey are Vocal Powerhouse Chris Aylward(Chris Glen), Peter Higgins(Chris Slade’s Timeline, Chris Glen, Glen/ White/ McManus, John Clelland(Chris Glen, Eden’s Curse, Thundercloud, Code Of Silence, McFleetwood. The boys have a wealth of knowledge from years of gigging all over the world and bring a fresh new crisp sound that has wowed audiences up and down the country. The band have given us 4 singles in the form of You Move My Heart, Devil Eyes, A New Beginning & Heart Of My Own. The boys are gearing up for some live shows in the coming months so please keep your eyes peeled for these boys as you won’t be disappointed.

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